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Personal and Business taxes, Rental Income and income from the sale of properties and Estate taxes all require expert handling to ensure the legal minimum taxes are paid and penalties avoided.
AG Tax Services are cross border tax specialists. We can help you understand the Canadian taxes for Americans, and navigate through the tax requirements for both Canadian and US interests, earnings and holdings.

Canada-US Tax Treaty

The Canada-United States Income Tax Convention and other amending protocols are intended to prevent “double taxation” and enhance cooper ration between the two countries. The 5th Protocol (set of changes) to the convention was designed to:

  • Eliminate source-country “withholding” tax on cross-border interest payments
  • Allow tax payers arbitration to otherwise insoluble double tax issues
  • Ensure that there is no double taxation on immigrant gains

While the convention may provide for certain tax exemptions, this does not include exemption from filing income tax returns id the U.S. Failure to file as prescribed in the U.S. can result in the exemptions sought being denied by the IRS and other penalties being imposed.

A Few Of The Areas Where We Can Help With Cross Border Canada US Taxes:

Taxes in Year of Departure From Canada

Sale of Canadian Properties by Americans

Tax on Rental Income From Canadian Property

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