SRED Claims

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program

SR&ED is a federal tax incentive program annually refunding approximately $4 billion to Canadian businesses that conduct research and development in Canada.
Aylett Grant Tax employs engineers, accountants and SR&ED specialists to manage the full scope of the SR&ED claim process from initial eligibility assessment, through detailed preparation and filing of the SR&ED claim and management of all communications with the CRA.

SR&ED Services Tailored to Your Needs:

  • Preparation and processing of corporate tax return with accompanying schedules
  • Assistance in obtaining and assessing information related to the SR&ED projects
  • Preparation of all schedules and forms related to the SR&ED claim
  • Integration of SR&ED claims into the current year’s corporate tax return
  • Income tax planning for non refundable tax credits calculated in the current or other taxation year.

Aylett Grant:

  • Ensures corporate tax compliance
  • Incorporates SR&ED claims with the respective fiscal year’s corporate tax return
  • Ensures capital and non-capital losses are included in calculations of taxable income for the current, preceding and / or future taxation years
  • Ensures the SR&ED claim is filed and complies with the strict reporting guidelines set out by the CRA. (If a claim is not received by the Canada Revenue Agency by the required due date, then the claim will be disallowed forever)