Clearance certificates are written notices issued by the Canada Revenue Agency to confirm that an estate has no outstanding tax liabilities to Canada.

If an executor distributes the assets of an estate before getting a clearance certificate confirming that all taxes and any interest penalties have been paid, the executor can be personally liable for payment of the taxes and penalties out of their own pocket!

The purpose of the clearance certificate is to relieve the executor from any future tax liability which may arise from the Estate prior to making any final distributions to the beneficiaries.

Applying for a Clearance Certificate

• Clearance Certificates are not automatically issued, you have to apply for it

• The Clearance certificate application is sent in once the final tax return notice of assessment has been received

• You can’t assume that your accountant will do this, you must specifically request that this be done

• Do not expect that the lawyer assisting with the estate will apply for the Clearance Certificate as this is and accounting function

The Long Wait

It can take up to six months, after application, to receive the Clearance Certificate.

Understandably beneficiaries can become quite frustrated or impatient with the delay in settling the estate and receiving their inheritances. Understanding the potential liability for the executor often isn’t enough to mitigate the frustration of the long delay.

Interim Distribution

However, there are ways  to distribute major portions of the estate while waiting for the final Clearance Certificate. It is recommended that you do not proceed with an “interim distribution” without working with a tax accountant to determine how much of the estate should be withheld to cover what taxes might be owing by the estate.

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