US Sales Tax Compliance

Sales and Use tax compliance has become very complex and confusing for average business owner and is becoming even more so each day.  This complexity is compounded for companies doing business in several states or across national boundaries.  Timely filing and remittance of sales and use taxes is just as important as paying your employees or vendors. We can help you understand your sales and use tax position to ensure that your returns are prepared and filed accurately and timely in all 47 states that impose these taxes. Determining what to include as taxable sales is very challenging and we have extensive experience to help you expertly navigate through tax forms and tax language. Because of our focus on sales & use tax regulation and our attention to updates in sales tax law, we make sales tax less of an administrative burden on your business.


As the modern economy evolves more rapidly, tax compliance is constantly changing in an effort to keep up.  Compliance can become a lengthy and complex process. With states audits on the rise we will have you compliant with current laws across US and protect both your business and your personal assets. Sales & Use tax rules and rates change frequently (often monthly), so we keep abreast of those changes in order to provide current, up to date and accurate advice on sales tax question or issue. Additionally, we are able to work with the state on your behalf to resolve non-compliance issues reducing your potential tax liabilities, penalties and interest.



Our specialists at Aylett Grant Tax LLP have considerable experience helping clients in many different industries work through the complexities of sales and use taxes.  We can help create a solution tailored specifically to your needs.  We want to work with you to ensure that you are properly complying with the various tax jurisdictions and are neither underpaying nor overpaying tax.


Pursuant to IRS circular 230, this document is to be considered other written advice.  The information in this publication is accurate as of the time of its publication.  State and local taxes are constantly changing and AG Tax assumes no responsibility for changes to tax legislation subsequent to the publication of this document.  Readers are urged to work with their tax advisor to ensure that any tax planning decisions are made in consideration of current tax legislation available.  This document was not written to be used, and it cannot be used, for the purpose of avoiding any federal, state or local tax penalties that may be imposed upon a taxpayer.